In North America, parakeet-parrots come in a variety of varieties. Some are becoming fairly common, such the Green Parakeet found in McAllen, Texas, or the Mitred Parakeet spotted in Miami, Florida. Today, parakeets can be found in New York City as well as California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. These bird species are sociable by nature; chances are there are more where one is found. These birds are usually heard rather than seen. By nature, they prefer to remain conceale under the enormous trees’ leaves, where their green feathers serve as camouflage.

The following parrots can be seen in North America: the Black-hood parrot, Blossom-head parrot, Blue-crown parrot, Dusky-head parrot, Green parrot, Hispaniolan parrot, Mitre parrot, Monk parrot, Orange-chin parrot, Red-mark parrot, Rose-ring parrot, White-wing parrot, and Yellow-chevrone parrot. None of these birds are native to North America; the only one that was was the Carolina Parakeet, which went extinct at the turn of the 20th century due to overhunting.

In the United States, the more general name “parakeet” is most frequently used to refer to the budgie, sometimes known as a budgerigar. The wild budgie resembles the birds we see in pet stores today, but it is smaller (between 6 and 7 inches long) and only occurs in the colour green. Its Latin name, which roughly translates to “song bird with wavy lines,” is a very accurate description of this common bird.

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